Pilot (or is that just for television?)

So, I decided to start a blog, and in this first post, I want to explain why.

There are a lot of blogs out there that are interesting, informative, professional, creative, inspiring, and educational. I love reading them and thinking about how much those strong women and men have to offer. Some of my favorites seem to be superheroes of femininity and motherhood and life. Other blogs offer “superheroes” of photography, fitness, art, cooking, or some other skill that I can look up to and learn from.

The goal of this blog, is to present myself to you as the “Superhero of Imperfection.” (That’s truly just a fancy way of saying “normal.”)

I don’t want my writing style to be perfect, or too eloquent, or stylized. I don’t want to sound like the perfectly manicured voice of too many blogs. I want to sound like your friend who has called you to tell you about her day. In some posts, I will sound like your friend who should not have asked for that extra shot of espresso at Starbucks. In some posts, I might sound like I am a little too tired to even be forming sentences and I should probably leave the blogging for the morning. Some days I might be hilarious, and some days you might wish I was not so serious. I really don’t know. I’m just making stuff up to be honest. I can’t predict the future. I don’t know how I will write. (I certainly don’t have a plan.) All I’m saying is that I will be real with you.

I’ll tell you about stuff I try that fails miserably. I’ll tell you about stuff I try that almost fails miserably until someone else helps me out. You better bet I will also tell you about stuff that I managed to be successful at- with all the pride and excitement I can muster.

I’m not professional at anything. I am a full time art student with two part time jobs. I sing in a church choir (probably not any better than you could sing.) I love my little poodle, bichon, mixed up somehow doggy, Theodore. I have a tiny little Greek tortoise named Carroll. I live with, argue with, love, and learn from my dad and my little sister in a house that used to be my grandma’s. I love cooking, exploring, relaxing, talking, dining, and enjoying other small joys in life with my boyfriend, who’s also my best friend. I like to move around dirt and say that I garden. I am messy. I am emotional. I think a little too much. I like to wear hats. I need to stay busy. I crochet a little bit, but I can’t do anything fancy. I sew an even littler bit. I don’t know how to do hair (even basics), I don’t wear makeup, and I hate shopping. I love everything about tea, from the pots and cups and saucers, to the varieties themselves. I wish I lived in a time and place where we all stopped for tea time everyday and took the time to sit down and enjoy it- but I don’t.

Anyways, that’s enough about me. I don’t want this blog to be like “Look at me. I did this. Try what I did! I’m very interesting!” I want this blog to make you think stuff like: “Someone else in the world actually skips out on hand washing when they have to take a potty break during a movie?!” Or, on reading about my latest failing “Of course that didn’t work out! There was a much easier way she could have done that!”

I want to put life’s seemingly insignificant moments under a microscope and give them the glory and inspection I feel they deserve. Is the spider’s inventive strategy of weaving her web on my porch to avoid destruction by the oblivious mailman worth talking about? I think so.

So here goes nothing. Guys, lets blog.


2 thoughts on “Pilot (or is that just for television?)

  1. You’re off to a good start. I tried starting a blog a while back, but couldn’t find the motivation to write it regularly. I bet you could do it no problem though. I look forward to reading more from you =)

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