My Life Sans Poo


No Poo.

“Going Pooless” has been the center of my conversations with my friends and family recently. Why? Because it’s a little weird. It’s just weird enough to get them interested and make them want to know more, but it’s not so weird that talking about it makes me the weirdo.

Today is day 11 of my pooless journey. Yes, I have been having regular bowel movements (I know a lot of you were probably wondering). Going pooless means that one refrains from using shampoo, conditioner, and other hair products. Instead, I have been using baking soda and vinegar. I haven’t been making volcanoes for the science fair in the shower- I have been naturally cleansing my hair.

Why, Carlie? Why?

Okay so why would I ditch the conveniences of shampoo and conditioner and start using this weird “John-The-Baptist-in-the-wilderness” technique? It’s not for a valiant reason like saving the earth- sorry. Really, I have just read about this technique a few places around the internet, and thought it just seemed like something I would try. You know, the whole theory of Self Fulfilled Prophecies? (If you don’t, wiki does. Enlighten yourself here.)Anyways, I am just really into being as natural as possible (without spending so much money or time that it’s not worth it). This challenge seemed like one that was manageable, worth it, and cheap. So I began the journey.

Before I started, I consulted lots of websites.The one that was most helpful to me was: this  (It’s also my go-to link to explain this process to people who ask me when I don’t feel like explaining myself.) I also consulted a lot of friends. I posted a status on my Facebook asking my friends their experiences with this method. I did some face to face talking with my boyfriend’s mom who had tried this before. Most importantly I talked to my hairdresser (who’s also my cousin (who’s also my friend)). I got some mixed feedback, but gained enough confidence to give this a go. So go I went.

First stop- Walmart. I needed containers to put my new concoctions in, and I also needed some baking soda. When you need two unrelated items- that just tends to be where you go. Two spray bottles was my first try, but I ended up replacing of of those spray bottles with a squirt bottle. If you aren’t familiar with the difference between a spray bottle and a squirt bottle, here you go:



Anyways, I mixed baking soda and water in one bottle, and baking soda and vinegar in the other. The baking soda clumps up the spray bottle, hence the switch to squirt for that one. I don’t have a recipe. I don’t know how much of each I used. I just added about as much as I thought felt right. People take intuition for granted these days. From now on, I’m going to refer to my baking soda mixture as NeoShampoo and my vinegar mixture as NeoConditioner, because I just think it sounds cool.

So in the shower, the NeoShampoo gets squirted (not sprayed) onto my scalp. It’s cold. I dilute it with warm shower water before I use it so it’s not so cold. I learned that trick the hard way. You’re welcome. I scrub it in, rinse it out, spray the NeoConditioner, and then rinse that out. It stinks like vinegar, but I promise once it dries you can’t smell it.

I’m not going to tell you all the details of how this all works because, well, it’s boring. If you are seriously interested, comment or contact me and we’ll talk. The results are great for me, but I know everyone’s hair is different. My hair looks curlier and fuller than before.

Yesterday I bathed Theodore, my little white mutt doggy, and I used Clear Scalp Therapy People Shampoo. He prefers that. He is not a naturalist.



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