Gardening the Imperfect Way


Yesterday was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! To celebrate, (my boyfriend’s mom and my friend henceforce referred to     as-) Maternal Maven, (My dog hence force referred to as-) Theodore, and I worked on a garden. Maven and I had some experience, but Theodore was a complete novice, so we needed to show him the ropes. He is featured in the photo above inspecting soil quality.

So a few weeks ago, a very nice handyman crafted these raised beds for us. It took some very careful calculations (We looked where there were no shadows on the ground and plopped them down) to decide where in the yard to put them. Once the location was decided, we used a very high tech and fancy weed repellent paper to line the bottoms and keep out grass and other weeds .


After the cutting edge paper was added, we developed a drainage system that we felt was extremely efficient.


We carefully added (dumped the bags of) soil into the beds, and then began the tedious process of deciding where the seedlings should be placed (Mostly random)


We chose plants for a variety of reasons. We planted tomatoes, bell peppers, chives, sweet basil, and cilantro for cooking. We planted lavender because it smells delicious, and we took advantage of the shaded part of her yard with lettuce for fresh salads!


So far the plants look beautiful and happy. We’ll have to keep you posted as the season progresses.


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