Girl Power Hour

Remember those raised beds that a very nice handy man made for us to plant a little garden in? Well he did. Here’s what happened though- a plan for a practical little gardening project somehow managed to morph into a full-on sustenance farming endeavor (perhaps a slight exaggeration.) So, we needed some more beds, quickly, before we lost our will power! And why should we call a handy man from across town just to come drill together four pieces of wood for us, huh? We have a drill! Maternal Maven bought it on Ebay, and we are ready and willing to give it a try! So what if we have absolutely no experience? We’ve got this. Maybe.

It was a beautiful morning, and Maven’s niece (Ginger’s cousin) was over (we’re gonna call her Libby because I think she has liberal political views and also I can just really picture her name being Libby.) Anyways, so the three of us girls decided it was a good day to tackle the project. Maven grabbed her drill and we headed outside to the wood planks. We learned many lessons.

The first was that it’s best to work on a level surface. We turned the little bed things on their side and made a little bench. (I use the adjective “little” far too loosely) Libby sat on it to help flatten out the board and make sure Maven was able to drill the piece flush together. I watched.


It was Maven’s first time using a drill and she was going to town! At first she was pre-drilling one hole, then driving the screw. Then pre-drilling another hole, then driving the screw. Then, we developed a system where she would pre-drill all the holes on one side, then drive all the screws on that side. It saved the hassle of switching the drill bit in and out. Libby was good about reminding her to do that. I was good at watching.


Onyx and Zusanna (the black wolf-like dogs) were very intrigued by the drill. I think they wanted to be drilled in the mouth by the way they tried to eat the spinning head. We did not allow that.


Maven and Libby carried the heavy beds into the front yard. I watched.


If you know our technique of choosing bed spots based on the intricate shadow patterns, you will know that this is not where the beds ended up. If you don’t, I just told you.

The next step was to add the dirt! We loaded it up into the wheelbarrow (with one casualty) and tried (unsuccessfully) to push it into the yard.



So, with a flat tire, we were done for the day. The dirt will have to be carefully added (dumped) into the beds another day.

I just realized that I mentioned earlier that we learned a lot of lessons, but then only mentioned one. Here’s some more for the sake of making a list and fulfilling promises.

2) You can get a good deal on a drill without a batter charger on eBay when cable guys lazily leave their drill battery charger at your house and never come back for it.

3) Dogs have no common sense.

4) Watch for faces before you sling dirt around.

5) Working is fun when you do it with friends.

6) Power tools are not as scary as you think!

7) You can get out of working by holding the screws and insisting that you need to document photos for your blog.

8) Etc. (Lazy talk for “I’m out of advice people.”)


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