Getting Competitive With A Toddler

Do you ever think to yourself:

“You know, self, I really wish there was a game I could play against toddlers that was competitive, where I don’t have to let them fake win.”



Okay, well maybe I am the only one. But whether or not you ever yearned for a game that fits that description, you will still love this game I made up.

It’s awesome if I do say so myself.

So all you need are some Mega Blocks and a toddler. I use two toddlers because I have them handy, but you will have more success if you aren’t double teamed. Mega Blocks are basically just huge Legos. You shouldn’t try to use any crazy specialty shapes- you just need the basic set. For the girls I watch, I use two complete sets because they have two. The more blocks you use the more challenging for the adult. The less blocks you use, the more challenging for the toddler.

Now, the great thing about this game is that you will not have to explain the rules or give any instruction to the toddlder (at least I have never had to.) The driving force for this game is the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

Don’t laugh, I’m serious.

The second law of thermodynamics is probably a pretty complicated thing, but basically, in a nut shell, it is that things will naturally be chaotic and disorganized. If you want to read more you can on this children’s site

Okay so your goal-

You need to work as quickly as you can to stack all LIKE blocks together into one long chain. For example, every red block with two prongs needs to be connected in a long chain. Every green square block with four prongs needs to be connected. Every blue single pronged block should be connected. You continue this task madly, and trust me, the toddler should know naturally what their job is. They will be driven by the Second Law of Thermodynamics-

They will begin to tear apart every chain you make.

You will make some chains that the toddler destroys. You will have to go back and reassemble those chains. You can’t use your strength to pry the blocks from their hands. You can only pick up blocks they are not holding. You can reassemble the chains as many times as you need to.

If you successfully connect every single block in the set,, you have won. If you fail to do this (basically just give up because the toddler you are playing with is a really good destroyer) you lose.

If the game is too easy for you, or your competitor is too slow, you can play a variation where you give yourself specific patterns to make with the blocks rather than just connecting like ones. That’ll make it a bit more challenging for you and give the destroyer more time to destroy.

This game is about perseverance, speed, and strategy. Toddlers have great perseverance and speed (at least when it comes to destroying things). You will need to beat them with your strategy. The more excited you get about your job, the more excited they will get about theirs.

Good luck! I want to hear about it if you give this a try! It’s super fun.



My Gym Whim

So for over a year now, my boyfriend (hence force referred to as Ginger), has been asking me to go to the gym with him. My response has very consistently and confidently been “No.”

Why? Here was my rationale-
The gym is a scary place!
There are fit people.
People wear tight workout clothes.
Almost EVERYONE is stronger than me.
I look silly working out.
I am scared of being with all those people.
They might LOOK at me!

And why do you want me to go to the gym anyways, huh? I’m not fat. I’m not in a competitive sport that requires my strength for success. I’m 5’4 and 115lbs, just happy living a fairly active lifestyle and staying home when you take your daily gym trips.

He INSISTED I would like the gym and I should join him, but for over a year I blew it off. Obviously he didn’t know the kind of things I enjoy!

Or maybe he does.

So about a week ago, I finally decided I would go.


Just to make him happy, and to be able to say: “I tried it. I hate it. I’m not going again. Leave me alone.”

I started stressing big time about what I would wear. I asked everyone under the son for gym outfit tips. I wanted to look cute, but not too revealing. I wanted to fit in as well. I settled on some leggings I already had and I bought a workout tank top. I think I had more anxiety and effort into that outfit than I did for my senior prom.

We met Ginger’s best friend who works at the gym (henceforth referred to as Protein) and Protein’s friend (henceforth referred to as Smiles) in the parking lot. I was a nervous wreck! They were all very sweet and assured me it would be fine.

And guess what?

It was.

I actually enjoyed myself! None of the things I had been worried about turned out to be worth my worry. My friends I was with were so helpful and made me feel welcomed into their workout group. I had been afraid I would be a burden, but they really made me feel at ease.

So we went back a couple days later. And again a couple days later. (All three times I was a guest.) Yesterday, guess what the Superhero of Imperfection did?

Joined the gym.

It’s true! I really have learned to enjoy it. Having people to workout with makes me more motivated to go. And even though I have had good body image perception all along, I really feel like I am a little more comfortable in my own skin- not because I am skinnier or more muscular, (I’ve only been three times, remember?) but just because I am doing something for my body, and it’s loving me back for it.

I’m about to get a little personal, but this is pretty cool. Did you know that working out can help reduce or even eliminate the symptoms of PMS??? Yeah me neither! I felt way too good for what my calendar said I was supposed to be feeling like, so I looked it up and see what I found? Here (It’s number 3 on the list.) (I know that source is not the most reliable ever, but I also read similar ideas here) And if those aren’t enough, just let me tell you from first hand experience- I am a believer.

So I still kinda suck at working out, but I am trying! I feel more confident, less stressed, more bonded to my workout buddies, and I have less womanly annoyances. I should have done this a long time ago!